Percussion - Voice - Movement


Percussion, Voice and Movement

Introductory workshops to music through percussion, voice and movement.
Learn to play, sing and dance naturally.
A dynamic, playful and profound method.
For all ages and levels.

Music is life, it's connection...

It is one of the oldest ways to communicate.

With her we don't need words, we just need to enjoy the emotion that she offers us at that moment.

Movement is intimately linked to music; they accompany and encourage each other.

The voice is our personal instrument and, together with movement, one of our most elemental ways of expressing ourselves.

Relaxing and having fun we will get to feel our deepest rhythm.

You don't need to know anything about music to participate in these workshops.

Our music is there, inside us, eager to come out, just waiting for the precise moment when you say... Yes!

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Percussion, Voice and Movement

LaSala Bcn

Passeig Gaiolá 6
Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

L: 18:00 h | M: 10:30 h | V: 18:00 h

Percussion, Voice and Movement

Mozartian School

Av. Isaac Albéniz, 16, 08391

Thursday: 19:00h

Music and Movement for babies

La Calma

90 Llauder St.

Wednesday: 17.30 h

Percussion, Voice and Movement

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Percussion Classes Voice and Movement in Barcelona

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