Encounters of

Music and Movement for Families

In Catalunya

Sharing Creativity and Joy

Encounters of music and fun for families
con niñ@s de todas las edades

Playing we know rhythms and songs from all over the world

We enjoy learning something new both young and old

We move our body and energy recovering elasticity and health

Music and Movement for Families

L@s niñ@s son artistas en constante creación. Este taller l@s invita a expresarse a través del juego, la música, la voz y el movimiento. Herramientas que les beneficiarán para todos los aspectos de su vida.

In this workshop, adults have the opportunity to relax and surrender to the «child world» without judgment, since they are fun proposals for all ages and the benefit of sharing new learning as a family is immense.

Expresarnos fluidamente nos libera, nos llena de energía y nos sube el autoestima. Trabajar en grupo nos hace sentir parte de una comunidad, y a la vez útiles, enseñándonos a escuchar y respetar nuestra propia necesidad, la necesidad del otro, y la del grupo en general.

The Details

La Voz
The Benefits of Learning as a Family

By giving ourselves to fully live any activity with our children, we offer them this essential part of us that perhaps on a day-to-day basis they cannot see so much, given the intensity and speed of modern life.

The little ones adore these moments in which they see their parents or grandparents play, enjoying like them something new for everyone, nurturing the bond with their families.

Los Tambores
In this workshop we will learn:

Percussion with instruments
Body Percussion
Relaxation and activation exercises
activación del cuerpo
Games to free the voice
Songs from all over the world
del mundo
Rhythms from Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia & Africa
Uruguay, Colombia y Africa.
Creative Dance
Developing perception of musical volume and silence
volúmenes y el silencio

El Movimiento
How do we do this?

All this from a playful and fresh look, which will make both children and adults feel music and movement as something they can use and share at any time in their lives.

During the duration of the workshop we gave ourselves to not having to fulfill any role; It is not our turn to direct or care, we simply learn, enjoy and share it with them.

Upcoming events:

Indoor and outdoor spaces all across Catalunya

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