Music and Movement for Families


Sharing Creativity and Joy

Music and fun meetings for families
with children of all ages

Playing we know rhythms and songs from all over the world.

We enjoyed learning something new, both young and old.

We move our body and energy recovering elasticity and health.

Music and Movement Workshops for Families

Children are artists in constant creation. This workshop invites them to express themselves through play, music, voice and movement. Tools that will benefit them in all aspects of their lives.

In this workshop, adults have the opportunity to relax and surrender to the "child's world" without judgments, since these are fun proposals for all ages and the benefit of sharing new learning as a family is immense.

Expressing ourselves fluently frees us, fills us with energy and raises our self-esteem. Working in a group makes us feel part of a community, and at the same time useful, teaching us to listen and respect our own needs, the needs of others, and those of the group in general.

The details

Benefits of the workshop

By giving ourselves to fully live any activity with our children, we offer them this essential part of us that they may not be able to see as much in the day to day, given the intensity and speed of modern life.

Children love these moments when they see their parents or grandparents playing, enjoying something new for everyone and nurturing the bond with their families.

In this workshop we will:
  • Percussion with instruments
  • Body percussion
  • Relaxation and body activation exercises
  • Games to free the voice
  • Songs from different parts of the world
  • We will play rhythms from Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia and Africa.
  • Creative dance
  • Working with nuances, volumes and silence
How will we do it?

During the duration of the workshop we give ourselves to not having to fulfill any role; it is not our turn to direct or take care of, we simply learn, enjoy and share it with them.

All this from a playful and fresh point of view, which will make both children and adults feel music and movement as something they can use and share at any time of their lives.

Upcoming Meetings:

Open spaces and interiors throughout Catalonia

Percussion Classes Voice and Movement in Barcelona

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