About Sol

Music has always been present in my life

I grew up in Uruguay to the sound of the rhythm of the Candombe street paries, a muscical heritage brought to South America from Africa.

Living abroad, I learned about their cultures through percussion, song and dance.

For me the drum represents a way to communicate, ancient and close at the same time.

Together with percussion, was born my love of singing. I found, in the union of these two tools, the perfect balance between "earth and sky". The drum rooted me to the earth and my personal strength, and my voice gave wings to my feelings and emotions. Fusing the two seems natural to me.

With time, I realised that doing it from a place of total bodily freedom completed the perfect circle. The body integrates and expresses this strength and these wings through movement.

I've been a musician for more than 25 years, I've played on stages all across the world, I've always loved expressing and sharing music, in any and all situations.

Today I dedicate myself fully to giving classes in which I share these tools that have given me so much joy in my life. To share them with whoever wishes to rediscover themselves through music, movement and group creation.

Through music all feelings return to their pure state, the world is music made reality

Arthur Schopenhauer

A brief history of Sol...

1995 - Started her career as a percussionist in Buenos Aires, Argentina
1997 - Travelled to Cuba to study with teachers from ISA & ENA.
1998 - Co-Created various latin-american folkloric groups which toured South American and Europe.
2001 - Arrived to Barcelona while touring with Tamboro Mutanta, where she established a new home and lives until now.
From 2001 to 2018 - Participated in varias groups with which she travelled, composed, created and recorded. These included Tamboro Mutanta, Radio Malanga, Black Gandhi, Mel Seme Band, Txirriqueteula Teatre, Two Sistas, and her own show, Sol y las Pintasueños.

She has shared stages with Alex Acunña, Giovanni Hidalgo, Gilberto Gil, Calinhos Brown, Marcos Suzano, Manu Chao, Pepe Hevia, Marinah (Ojos de Brujo), Munir Hossn, among others.

2021 - Today she is fully dedicated to her classes "Introdcution to music through percussion, voice and movement" which she teaches to babies, children, youths and adults. In these workshops she fuses the knowledge gained in her 26 year career of music, dance, movement, respectful education, psychology and more. She also performs with Arena y Mar, Alas de la Tierra and Novo Brasil among others.

Classes of Percussion, Voice & Movement in Barcelona

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