Music and Movement for Babies

In Barcelona and Maresme

Music & Movement for Babies and Families

Introduction to music through songs of the world and rhythms with clapping
del mundo y ritmos con palmas

Group singing melodies from all around the world

Integrate rhythm with clapping games and percussion instruments

Share creative and musical moments with the family

Integrate music as part of learning

Working with babies is one of the things I enjoy the most in my life.
When my first daughter Nara was born, 15 years ago, I began a beautiful and intense journey of introspection in my newly released motherhood, becoming aware of the incredible opportunity to learn daily from these little teachers.

They have been years of a lot of love, tenderness, constant trials and exhaustion. I remember very clearly the intensity of a baby's first three years.

The fact of working as an educator in free and active schools has given me very valuable tools that I use daily both with children and adults.

En los talleres de música y movimiento acompaño tanto a bebés como a mamás y papás, desde la empatía, el cuidado y el amor. Les invito a tomarse ese rato de descanso del “hacer” para adentrarse en el “ser” junto a sus bebés.

Silenciar la mente, abrir los sentidos, disfrutar de estar presentes en la música, la alegría y el cuerpo. Mientras tanto, l@s bebés se llenan de música y energía saludable, escuchando melodías de todo el mundo, acompañándolas con juegos rítmicos que desarrollan su psicomotricidad, y activan distintas partes del cerebro al cantar, escuchar, imitar, afinar, palmear, bailar, etc. Compartiendo estas vivencias entre las familias creamos lazos que se nutren y fortalecen en cada encuentro.

Si integramos la música como un elemento más en el  día a día de nuestr@s bebés, les brindaremos una herramienta poderosísima de expresión y creatividad, que afectará positivamente en su desarrollo físico y mental. Creando una creciente autoestima y una amplia manera de ver la vida.

In each class:

Para Bebés
For Babies

45 minute sessions for babies between 2 months and 3 years.

The groups are divided by age, up to the year, from the year to two years and more than two years.

For each age the dynamics change a little, always maintaining the intention of harmony, presence, enjoyment and music that nurtures.

Los Tambores

Offering them a musical environment in the first months and years of life can have a clearly positive effect on the emotional development of the baby.

They develop their motor skills by grasping and playing small instruments, clapping or snapping their fingers.

Listening to music invites them to movement, which connects them with their body and dance, working on balance and expression.

El Movimiento

Singing has countless benefits for our babies.

It is of great importance for their intellectual, auditory and sensory development.

Through singing they learn to observe and coordinate their breathing, being able to relax or energise.

They also gradually develop their language, testing the different vowels and consonants that they practice with each song.

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Carrer Nou 23, Mataró

Miércoles: 16:15 – 17:15 – 18:15 h

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