Percussion, Voice & Movement


Percussion, Voice & Movement Classes in Barcelona

Introductory workshops to music through percussion, voice and movement.

Learn to play, sing and dance naturally.

A dynamic, playful and profound method.

For all ages and levels.

Learn to play drums, sing and dance in Barcelona

Music is one of the oldest forms of communication.
Each one of us carries our own melody and rhythm inside.
Expressing them frees us and fills us with joy.

In these classes we will use song, dance and percussion to relax and enjoy ourselves, rediscovering our deepest rhythm and uniting it with the other participants.
The bonds that are created in this workshop between members are elemental.

The students complement each other, support each other, have fun together, are nourished by the qualities of others and so add to their lives a group of friends with whom to share new and satisfying experiences each week.

No hace falta saber nada de música para realizar esta actividad, sólo ganas de jugar, disfrutar y aprender. Trabajamos la conexión de cada persona, primero a nivel interno y luego a nivel grupal.

Consciente de las trabas que se van acumulando en la vida adulta, he creado este taller como vehículo entre las personas y su creatividad, su ser esencial, su niñ@.
In adulthood we forget or do not allow ourselves to play, surprise ourselves, experiment, make mistakes, laugh out loud, or relax completely.
Este taller te ayudará a recuperar esa naturalidad y alegría en tu día a día


La Voz
The Voice

Singing takes us to a very intimate part of our being.

When we sing, we secrete endorphins, which generates a real feeling of well-being and joy.
It helps us to relieve tension, improves our body's immune response, reducing stress and improving our health in general.
It clears our airways, and corrects our body posture.

Cantar en grupo nos anima a expresar nuestra voz sin inhibiciones, sintiendo el sostén de todo el grupo.

Los Tambores

Playing drums in a group connects us directly with our inner strength, the most primitive and tribal.

The benefits of playing percussion include:

Intellectual development, lowering blood pressure, stimulating the connections between neurons, using both cerebral hemispheres at the same time.
It also connects us with joy by reducing depression and anxiety, increasing social resilience.

El Movimiento

With it we reconnect with our body and its possibilities, discovering where or in what way we need to move.

Moving creatively strengthens our heart, gives us flexibility, strength and endurance; eliminates stress, increases our energy, improves blood circulation, tones the muscles and increases the elasticity of the joints.

Completely improving our mood and fitness for life.

Where & When?

Classes in Central Barcelona

LaSala Bcn

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Monday: 18:00 h

Classes in Maresme

Can Buganvilla

Tiana, Maresme

Thursday: 19:00 h

Classes Online


Por Zoom

Wednesday: 10:00 h

Classes of Percussion, Voice & Movement in Barcelona

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