Dance, Percussion and Voice in Nature


Dance, Percussion, and Voice in Nature Retreats.

Making music and dancing in a privileged natural environment.

Dancing in the forest, connecting with the nature of your body.

Singing under the stars while feeling part of the immensity

Drumming in full connection with the earth

Learning to Drum and Sing in Nature

Retreats in natural spaces allow us to go deeper into the encounter with our own nature, our "wild" woman or man, uniting it with the beauty of spontaneous artistic creation.

The mere fact of being in a natural environment relaxes our bodies and minds, which makes us more receptive when creating. In these retreats the connection with nature is constant, since the activities are developed mostly outdoors, so the perception of what happens inside (creativity) and outside (connection with the environment) comes together and becomes an activity that heals and balances us completely.

This workshop is done in conjunction with Ana Carolina Garcia who is in charge of the "body" part. She is a dancer, choreographer and osteopath, with whom I have been working for more than 15 years. Between the two of us we are proposing the activities fluidly going from dance to music in a natural and fun way.

Our Events:

Natural areas throughout Catalonia

Percussion Classes Voice and Movement in Barcelona

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